Discretionary Asset Management

The Cyprus Investment and Securities Corporation Limited (“CISCO”) has a licence for the management of investments under a discretionary mandate and within such a framework it offers a wide spectrum of investment products and services to institutional and retail clients. Our clientele mainly includes pension and provident funds, insurance and other corporations and high net worth individuals.

Discretionary Asset Management is addressed to clients seeking professional management of their portfolio, in the framework of a relevant agreement which incorporates investment targets and investment strategy that will be followed. Given the continuous increase of investment alternatives, the assignment of portfolio management to professionals has become a prerequisite for corporations and organizations possessing significant capital for investment purposes.

Within a structured investment process, widely diversified portfolios are effectively constructed, adjusted to the needs and risk profiles of each client, which offer access to global markets and selective asset classes. During the construction of each portfolio, a wide range of sophisticated methods and tools are being utilised. Such tools include, amongst others, equities, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), money market instruments and deposits in all primary currencies.

At the same time, immediate transparency is being provided and information for the portfolio structure and the return of the investments, through statements prepared periodically according to the clients’ needs and objectives.


Investment Advice Services

CISCO has a licence for the provision of investment advisory and other ancillary services and within such a framework it potentially provides independent investment advice to institutional investors.

The provision of Investment Advice applies to clients who aspire to have the final choice for effecting or not any investment decision in financial instruments and are solely responsible for their investment decisions, after they receive our tailor made investment advice.

Such advisory services are offered by a specialised team of professionals comprised of qualified and well experienced fund managers, focusing in the implementation of investment strategy as well as investment solutions/ alternatives which are aligned with client’s risk tolerance, risk profile and ability to bear losses.