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Museum of George and Nefeli Giabra Pierides Collection (Donated by Clio and Solon Triantafyllides) / GP 1999-403
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Exhibition Number:  10/33
Item:  Scaraboid seal
Category:  Stamp seals
Dating:  480-310 B.C.
Period:  Cypro-Classical (480-310 B.C.)
Material:  Rock crystal
Dimensions:  Length: 2cm.; width: 1.6cm.; height: 1cm.
Description:  Carved with devices on both the top and bottom; base slightly curved outwards. Top: winged Bes-figure with winged feet in front and an animal body behind; curved tail; leafy branch held in one hand, a ball in the other; linear border. Base: Bes, wearing a split skirt, as Master-of-Animals, but with the arms grasped to his chest; lions hanging down; deer heads above shoulders; lion heads along sides; ground line; seated lion in exergue.