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Museum of George and Nefeli Giabra Pierides Collection (Donated by Clio and Solon Triantafyllides) / GP 1999-016
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Exhibition Number:  02/05
Item:  Juglet
Category:  Pottery
Dating:  1800-1725 B.C.
Period:  Middle Cypriote [Middle Bronze Age] (1900-1600 B.C.)
Style:  White Painted III Ware
Material:  Clay
Dimensions:  Height: 14.7cm.
Description:  Globular body; concave neck; out-curved rim; horned handle from rim to shoulder; pierced vertical lugs on neck on either side of handle, probably indicating ‘ears’; pointed lug for ‘nose’ on neck opposite handle. Punctures around the base of the nose and at upper part of the handle. Linear decoration in matt red paint on body and neck; completely decorated.