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02 December 2019 - 31 December 2021
Form and shape in earth

Form and shape in earth


Certified by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth


The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation presents an exciting interactive programme themed on pottery and ceramics from Cypriot antiquity.


Through the archaeological collection of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, children will have an enjoyable morning learning about ancient pottery and its evolution through time. They will learn about the manufacturing process, painting techniques, the properties of clay, and will get hands-on experience with the raw materials used in making pottery and ceramics. Children will also observe how colour is added to clay using minerals.


To better understand how ceramic artefacts evolved in antiquity, youngsters will examine figurines and vases from the Cultural Foundation\s archaeological collection. They will then fashion their own small figurine or vase, using clay which they will decorate with natural dyes.


Called "Form and shape in earth", the interactive programme wants to spark children's creativity and imagination, making them curious about Cyprus' material culture and archaeology by examining exhibits on display at the museum. Children will be provided with all necessary materials and equipment.


Design: Souzana Petri

Duration: November 2019-June 2020

For children 4-18 years old

For info and reservations 22 128175