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10 October 2017 - 31 December 2021
Allow me to introduce myself: I’m an archaeologist

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m an archaeologist


Certified by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth

The programme is designed for elementary school students in a bid to acquaint them with the science of archaeology. Students will have the opportunity to come into contact with archaeology which, through the study of tangible aspects of the ancient civilisation, provides access to primary sources, necessary for reconstructing knowledge of the past. Particularly, by way of an interactive PowerPoint presentation, students will learn the basic principles of archaeology as a science as well as the archaeologist’s main tasks.


On the conclusion of the presentation, the students will proceed to the specially designed area of the educational room, the Workshop, for an experiential activity related to the discovery and conservation of pottery. Taking on the role of archaeologists, students will dig into the soil looking for pieces (potsherds) of pottery replicas. Then, they will try to put the pieces back together in order to restore the vessel to its initial form. In this way, students will be introduced to the process of classifying and conserving pottery finds, a basic part of archaeological research.


This activity is followed by an educational game of approximately 20 minutes, in the Museum area. Having handled replicas of ancient items, students will look for the authentic exhibits behind the Museum’s showcases. Then they will be asked to answer questions on the specific type and usage of the items, their possible provenance, and finally their interpretation from excavation finds and items of the past to museum exhibits. The aim is for children to acquaint themselves with various questions posed by archaeologists themselves, the answers often leading to the resolution of further questions such as chronological dating of finds, the character of their point of discovery etc.


Educational Program Design:

Elisavet Stefani

Dr Stalo Antoniou


In collaboration with the University of Cyprus


Duration: October 2019- June 2020

For 4th, 5th and 6th Grades Primary School

For reservations: 22 128175