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The research into the significant manuscript of Ascanio Savorgnano, included in the Collection of Manuscripts and Rare Books of the Cultural Foundation (ΠΙΤΚ Β-197), is carried on by Gilles Grivaud, a professor of Mediaeval History at the University of Rouen, France. The research is focused on the state of fortifications in Cyprus just a few years before the Turkish attack of 1570.

This outstanding manuscript describes the conditions prevailing in Cyprus a few years before the 1570 Turkish attack. Ascanio Savorgnano, the step brother of engineer Giulio Savorgnano, was sent to Cyprus in 1562 in order to write a report on the conditions that prevailed on the island at the time. His report, drafted in accordance with the instructions of the Venetian Senate, was initially kept secret. A number of copies of the manuscript have survived in various national libraries. Their comparison and juxtaposition will be endeavoured in the context of this research. This particular copy bears the date 20 November 1573, transcribed by Francesco Marcaldi, who signs the dedicatory inscription to Cosimo Cini. It appears that Marcaldi had a copy of the report from the mid 1572 at the latest and went on to produce copies for important political figures, possibly with an eye to gaining influence. At least eight known copies of the Savorgnano report have been transcribed by Marcaldi whilst it is possible that a greater number survives in various Italian libraries, wherein the research under review will be conducted. The research is expected to lead to the publication of a book in the same field. 

Avvisi (1570 − 1572). The War of Cyprus
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