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The year 2010 saw the completion of the research of Leonora Navari into a great number of books and manuscripts (181 in total) dated from the 15th to the 18th century and originate from the Collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

Every book and manuscript studied is exceptionally interesting in that its primary material provides a wealth of information on the history of Cyprus and is useful to researchers and the wider public in general. A significant category of books look into the historical and political framework of the Cypriot reality during the administration of the House of the Lusignan, whilst rare books present the claims of the House of Savoy over the island at the time. There are also publications that delve into the history of Venice, the presence of the Order of St John of Jerusalem in Cyprus, as well as the history of the Crusades. Important literary works are also there, shedding light on charismatic personalities across different periods, i.e. Catherine Cornaro, the last queen of Cyprus. Among other fields that attract interest are the rare travelogues included in the Collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, as well as another significant category that features books on the island’s geography and cartography. Lastly, also prominent is the collection of 15th century commercial letters as well as a collection of 16th century “newspapers” that refer to the Cyprus War and the Sea Battle of Nafpaktos.

The research was completed with the publication of the book Manuscripts and Rare Books 15th-18th century.  From the Collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation (Nicosia 2010) and its Greek translation  Χειρόγραφα και Παλαίτυπα 15ου έως 18ου αιώνα.  Από τις Συλλογές του Πολιτιστικού Ιδρύματος Τραπέζης Κύπρου (Nicosia 2011) .  

Avvisi (1570 − 1572). The War of Cyprus
Venetian Letters (1354 –1512)
Manuscripts and Rare Books 15th–18th Century