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Research projects
The aims of the Cultural Foundation that are endowed with a Cyprological interest are met by placing particular importance on the research of primary and other sources in the fields of Archaeology, History, Art and Literature. The Collections of the Cultural Foundation provide the basic source for the development of such programmes which are eventually published by the Cultural Foundation.
featured project
Rare Books of the 19th century. From the Collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.
In 2011, Leonora Navari resumes the study of books that belong to the Cultural Foundation’s Collection of Manuscripts and Rare Books. Included in the Collection are approximately 160 publications dated to the 19th and early 20th century.
featured project
Study of the handwritten report of Ascanio Savorgnano Descrittione delle cose di Cipro, Venice 1573
The research into the significant manuscript of Ascanio Savorgnano, included in the Collection of Manuscripts and Rare Books of the Cultural Foundation (ΠΙΤΚ Β-197), is carried on by Gilles Grivaud, a professor of Mediaeval History at the University of Rouen, France. The research is focused on the state of fortifications in Cyprus just a few years before the Turkish attack of 1570.
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Study on the Holy Monastery of Our Lady of Arakas at Lagoudera
A programme of documentation concerning the Holy Monastery of Our Lady of Arakas is now in progress. Among the researchers contributing to the documentation are Christodoulos Hadjichristodoulou, Athanasios Papageorgiou, Andreas Nicolaides, Panayiotis Agapetos, Slodoban Curcic.
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The Geology of Cyprus
The study of Dr George Constantinou and Ioannis Panayides is focused on the role of geology in Cyprus, the formulation of its natural environment which eventually determined its historical and cultural evolution.
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Manuscripts and Rare Books of the 15th to the 18th century
The year 2010 saw the completion of the research of Leonora Navari into a great number of books and manuscripts (181 in total) dated from the 15th to the 18th century and originate from the Collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.
featured project
Α Study of codex B-30 Qui dentro si contengono gli errori di alcune nationi Christiane..., Venice (?) 1580-1595.
Codex B-30 comprises a treatise on the ‘errors’ of the various religious communities of Cyprus (Greeks, Latins, Copts, Armenians, etc.) in the last years of the Venetian rule on the island, composed sometime between 1563 and 1570.