Tied Agents

CISCO, following the absorption of Laiki Financial Services Ltd on the 14th December 2016, has the largest network of Tied Agents covering all the non-occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus. All Tied Agents are registered in the public register maintained by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

(A) The scope of Agent's authority to act on behalf of CISCO, is provided for in each Agent's Contract for Services.         
(B) Agent's must disclose to clients, in writing and in a clear and precise manner, the scope of their authority and must secure a signed acknowledgement of the said disclosure from clients before the provision of any services thereto.           
(C) Agent's and/or their employees cannot be authorised to act for clients, either on the granting of a Power of Attorney or via any other conferred means, for blank-order dealings involving financial transactions otherwise than provided for by relevant legislation.  On the occurrence of any unlawful authorisation CISCO shall consider such authorisation as void and or unacceptable and/or as having no binding effect whether legal, financial or otherwise in connection with CISCO.         
(D) Agent's have no power to authorise their employees, co-workers, or associates to provide any of the services that they themselves have authority to provide, unless they have obtained the previous written consent of CISCO.


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